Dad loses both legs after throwing himself at family to save them from being pulled into snow blower

A father has lost both of his legs after saving his young daughters' lives in a tragic snow blower accident.

David Miln was heading to ski lessons with his wife Clare, three-year-old Isla, and one-year-old Anna at Mammoth Mountain in Northern California on December 15.

The Australian Defence Force veteran and his family were set to enjoy a day on the slopes when a motorized snow blower collided with them, per People.

The dad threw himself over his children so they wouldn't be sucked into the machine. Unfortunately, both David and three-year-old Isla did not make it out unscathed.

A GoFundMe was started to cover medical bills and the adaptations the family will need to make to their life, and the page details how the horrific incident unfolded.

It states: "Dave’s actions ultimately saved the lives of the girls, keeping Anna under his body and doing his best with Isla. However, Isla still entered the machine. Clare was able to make split-second decisions that saved her family's lives before being transported with the girls to hospital."

It continues that David spent over an hour in the machine while still conscious before medical teams were able to remove him and transfer him to the hospital.

"Dave is now a double amputee; above the knee of the left and below the knee on the right, as well as breaking both femurs, pelvis, a number of his lower vertebrae, a sacral and finally 3 ribs," the statement continued.

"Isla has suffered breaks in both of her legs and her pelvis, as well as other wounds, and had 3 surgeries and may require more. She is expected to make a full physical recovery."

The family has been relocated to Sydney, Australia, to continue their recovery as both David and Isla need to attend sessions with medical staff.

Since the fundraising page has been set up, $72,000 has been raised of the $100,000 target by 547 donors at the time of writing, with the money helping David and his family return to as normal a life as possible.

"Dave still maintains his dark sense of humor and razor-sharp wit," the fundraising page states. "[He has] shown strength and resilience beyond comprehension."

Incidents involving snow-related equipment can often prove to be extremely dangerous, with Marvel actor Jeremy Renner currently undergoing treatment for "30 plus" broken bones after he was run over by his snow plow.

Our thoughts are with David, Isla, and the rest of the Miln family and we wish them all the best in their recovery.